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Use the links in the left-hand menu of this page to navigate to information on courses and graduation requirements for specific departments or programs. For instance, if you want to find information on the biology curriculum, click on the “College of Arts and Sciences” link. When that page comes up, use the right-hand “College Departments” menu to locate “Biology,” and click on that link.


When using the search function, try to keep your search words as specific as possible.


For access to the registrar's archive of catalogs from past academic years, visit http://registrar.uoregon.edu/course_catalog_archive.

Updates to the UO Catalog

Corrections to the catalog text may be sent to the editor at sskelton@uoregon.edu.

Updates to the online catalog are usually made once a year, in midsummer. Small corrections are made at the discretion of the editor, and are restricted to faculty and department head changes and minor course corrections (tweaks to a course description, pre- and corequisite information). Major course changes (course title and number, credits, course description overhaul, aspects of repeatability) must be reviewed and approved by the University of Oregon Committee on Courses before such changes can be made. No changes may be made to graduation requirements until the yearly update that precedes the coming academic year.