Canadian Studies

Patricia Dewey Lambert, Committee Chair
175 Prince Lucien Campbell Hall

The University of Oregon does not have a formal department of Canadian studies. However, the Canadian studies committee is active within the Oregon Consortium for International and Area Studies at the University of Oregon.

The Canadian studies committee seeks to integrate existing instructional and research activities on Canada and Canadian–United States relations and to stimulate research and course work. Through the auspices of the Canadian Publishing Centre, University of Oregon Libraries is a selected repository for Canadian federal documents.

Grant programs—available through the Academic Relations Division of the Canadian Embassy to support new course development, faculty and doctoral research, conferences, and outreach programs—have provided funds for a number of university faculty members and graduate students. Canadian studies courses enhance American students’ understanding of Canada’s economy, politics, culture, and social system as well as the strong ties that exist between the United States and Canada. The following courses have significant Canadian content:

ANTH 320Native North Americans4
ANTH 442/542Northwest Coast Archaeology4
ANTH 443/543North American Archaeology4
GEOG 208Geography of the United States and Canada4
Journalism and Communication
J 646Political Economy of Communication4
LAW 671International Law2-3

Information about other courses with content on Canada is available from the committee chair or on the committee website.

Steering Committee

C. Brian Barnett, Romance languages

Gaylene Carpenter, arts and administration

Patricia Dewey Lambert, arts and administration

Michael Fakhri, law

Susan W. Hardwick, geography

Nancy Heapes, educational methodology, policy, and leadership

Madonna L. Moss, anthropology

Karen McPherson, Romance languages

Michael Malek Najjar, theater arts

Gordon M. Sayre, English

Janet Wasko, journalism and communication