General Social Science

Reuben Zahler, Program Director
362 McKenzie Hall

The General Social Science Program provides students the flexibility to design a major that combines courses from several departments across campus. The program offers students a variety of options depending on their interests. For the career-minded student, it provides career training combined with the analytical skills of a liberal arts education. For the intellectually curious student, it offers the study of particular themes across several social science disciplines. For the student having difficulty choosing a major, general social science offers a curriculum across several departments.

Undergraduate Studies

The program has four concentrations or tracks. Each concentration has its own set of core courses and then provides a number of elective courses from various departments. Major requirements for each of the four concentrations may be found on the program website.

Applied Economics, Business, and Society

This track combines technical training in business with the analytical training of the liberal arts. It draws heavily from courses in the business college and the economics department to offer specific business skills while exploring how business functions in society, on the national level, and in the global context. This concentration is designed specifically for students who plan to work in business or to pursue a master of business administration degree.

Crime, Law, and Society

This track provides broad exposure to problems that confront society on the causes and consequences of, and policies on, crime, offering preparation for students with an interest in criminology, law practice, law enforcement, or social services.

Globalization, Environment, and Policy

This track focuses on broad social-political and environmental issues at the regional, national, and global levels, as well as the policy planning required to meet these issues within an interdisciplinary context. The globalization concentration provides training for students planning to work in green industry, government, NGOs, and environmental organizations. In addition, the track prepares students to earn graduate degrees in planning, public management, policy studies, or other applied social sciences with a global emphasis.

Social Studies Teaching

This track prepares students with the course requirements for admission to the graduate teacher licensure program at the University of Oregon—UO Teach. This concentration does not, in and of itself, lead to a teaching license; rather, it provides a well-defined content so that students are prepared to enroll in a graduate program to become licensed to teach social studies at the middle or high school level.

General social science majors are encouraged to consult with their advisors at least once a year to ensure their remaining course work is structured to meet all the requirements for the major. Students should notify the General Social Science Program office of their intention to graduate at least one term before the proposed graduation date.