Peace Studies

Jane Cramer, Committee Chair
813 PLC

The Peace Studies Program offers systematic study of peace—what it means and how it is achieved. Interdisciplinary in its orientation, the program encourages students to approach the problem of peace from a variety of viewpoints. The focus of the program addresses the conditions that give rise to violence and how to prevent them, the conditions that constitute alternatives to violence and how to promote them, and the strategies for achieving peace in its various forms.

The peace studies minor is available to university undergraduate students. There are no requirements for admission to the program.

Graduate students who want to concentrate on peace studies should contact a member of the steering committee. Most 400-level courses, including courses numbered 407 and 410, are offered for graduate credit under 500-level numbers.

Steering Committee

Shaul E. Cohen, geography

David A. Frank, honors college

Gregory McLauchlan, sociology

Undergraduate Studies

Minor Requirements

Core Courses
Select three of the following:12
GLBL 250Value Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
Social and Political Philosophy
Systems of War and Peace
Conditions That Give Rise to Violence
Select two of the following:8
War in the Modern World I
War in the Modern World II
Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Race and Ethnicity: [Topic]
Systems of War and Peace
Values and Arrangements Necessary to Transcend Violence
Select one or two of the following:4-8
Political Geography
GLBL 250Value Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective4
Political Ideologies
Sociology of Developing Areas
Strategies for Achieving Peace
Select one or two of the following:4-8
American Radicalism
American Radicalism
Global Community Development
Gender and International Development
Cross-Cultural Communication
Socioeconomic Development Planning
Social Issues and Movements
Total Credits40-44

Additional Requirements

A grade of mid-C or better must be earned in each of the eight courses taken to fulfill requirements for the peace studies minor.

Students may take a maximum of 9 credits of courses in any one department. With advisor’s consent, students may substitute a course numbered 199, 407, 408, or 410 for one approved group-satisfying course for the minor.

Internships are offered through some of the departments listed.

More information is available from a cochair.