Air Force ROTC

AFROTC Detachment 685
308 McAlexander Field House
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331

Students interested in obtaining an officer’s commission in the United States Air Force upon graduation may join the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) program offered through the Department of Aerospace Studies at Oregon State University. Undergraduate credits earned in this program may be transferred to the University of Oregon as elective credits. Students may complete a degree in any field while in the program. Students are responsible for tuition and fees as assessed by Oregon State University.


The following programs are open to qualified students.

Four-Year Program

The four-year program consists of the general military course (six terms of lower-division air force studies courses, including a laboratory each term) and the professional officer course (six terms of upper-division air force studies courses, including a laboratory each term). Four-year cadets attend a field training course for four weeks during the summer before their junior year of college.

Students may enter the freshman class at the start of the fall, winter, or spring terms. Sophomores may enter at the start of the fall term and take the freshman- and sophomore-level courses concurrently.

Before enrolling in the professional officer course during the last two years of the program, the student must meet AFROTC qualification standards and requirements.

Two-Year Program (currently inactive)

Entry is competitive. Application should be made early in the fall term of the student’s sophomore year. Participants must attend a field training course for six weeks in the summer before their junior year of college. The curriculum includes six terms of upper-division aerospace studies courses, including a laboratory each term. Applicants must have two years remaining in college after the field training, which may be undergraduate or graduate work or a combination of the two.


Students in the four-year program incur no obligation during their first two years in AFROTC unless they are awarded a scholarship. After enrolling in Air Force Leadership and Management, the student agrees to accept a commission if it is offered. Scholarship students incur a commitment at the beginning of their sophomore year. Upon accepting their commission, pilots incur an obligation of 10 years after completion of pilot training; combat systems officers and air battle managers incur a six-year obligation after initial training, and all others agree to serve for four years after receiving the commission.


Scholarships are available for qualified students. Interested high school students should apply online by December 1, prior to the academic year for which the student is applying. Each scholarship covers the cost of tuition, laboratory fees, incidental expenses, $600 a year for textbooks, and as much as $500 as a monthly stipend.

For further details, visit the website, contact the AFROTC Detachment at the telephone numbers listed above, or e-mail

Allowances, Uniforms, Textbooks

Students on an Air Force ROTC scholarship or enrolled in the professional officer course are paid a monthly stipend. Uniforms and textbooks for both the general military course and professional officer course are provided by the Air Force. The University of Oregon offers a discount on room and board for scholarship winners.

Field Training

One summer field-training session is required for Air Force ROTC programs; successful completion is required for cadets prior to membership in the professional officer course. Students are paid varying amounts for each of these training periods. 


Cadets must be US citizens of sound physical condition and high moral character and must be commissioned as Air Force officers before reaching age 30.

Other Educational Opportunities

After completing AFROTC requirements, advanced degrees may be sought by delaying active-duty commitments. Some commissioned officers continue advanced studies through fully funded Air Force Institute of Technology programs. Special provisions are available for medical and law students.

For more information about Air Force ROTC programs, write to the department mailing address or visit the Oregon State University AFROTC website.


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