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About the Libraries

The University of Oregon Libraries supports the teaching, learning, and research programs of the university and is open to the general public. The range of support provided to the faculty and students is broad, including reference and research assistance, access to print and digital collections including extensive special collections and archives, interlibrary loan and reserve-reading programs, credit and noncredit library courses, access to computers and electronic resources, instructional technology support and training, media-rich classroom facilities, wireless access, and campuswide classroom technology support.

The UO Libraries, an Association of Research Libraries member, houses one of the largest research collections in the Pacific Northwest and serves as many as 10,000 users per day. Extensive holdings of manuscripts, microforms, CDs, DVDs, phonograph records, films, videotapes, slides, maps, and state, federal, and international documents complement the core collections. To meet the growing demand for digital resources, the UO Libraries continues to expand its digital holdings, with more than 240,600 digital items and 670,000 digital newspaper pages currently available online.

Facilities and Resources

University of Oregon Libraries comprises Knight Library, four on-campus branch libraries, and two off-campus branch libraries. On-campus libraries include the John E. Jaqua Law Library, located in the Knight Law Center; the Allen Price Science Commons and Research Library, located in the science complex; the Mathematics Library, in Fenton Hall; and the Design Library, in Lawrence Hall. Off-campus libraries include the Loyd and Dorothy Rippey Library at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, Oregon, and the Portland Library and Learning Commons. Reference and research service is provided in all libraries. For library hours, consult the website.

The libraries provide access to an array of services and technology, including scanning equipment, digital cameras, color printers, and desktop computers equipped with production, presentation, and graphics software. Facilities for audio and video transfer and editing are available in Knight Library.

The UO Libraries' website is an excellent starting point from which to explore myriad information resources. With robust search capabilities, the website gives access to information on resources in all formats. Materials not held by the UO Libraries or its regional partners may be borrowed through interlibrary loan.

The library’s online catalog is constantly updated with information about the circulation status of library materials, new books and book orders, and electronic journals. Users can search numerous online periodical indexes, newspapers, e-books, and e-journals. Search tools for e-journals are accompanied by a feature that allows users to easily locate the full text of articles. Convenient access to collections of digitized print and nonprint material is provided through the website as well.


The UO Libraries' instructional programs include technology workshops, in-class presentations by librarians, and credit courses on research methods, information access, and digital scholarship. These programs reach more than 22,000 students and faculty members each year.

The library provides a full range of instructional technology services, including classroom technology design and maintenance, educational video production, streaming media services, support for the university's learning management system, and instructional technology assistance for teaching, learning, research, public service, and outreach. The library also provides delivery and maintenance of instructional technology equipment to classrooms across campus.

The UO Libraries collaborates with faculty members and students to advance research and scholarly communication using new media and digital technologies. Based on a foundation of access, sharing, and preservation, the library provides digital asset management, digital preservation, training, consultations, and tools for digital scholarship. The library also manages and maintains the UO Scholars’ Bank, an online archive of the scholarly output of the campus community.

Library services and facilities are accessible to patrons with disabilities. Staff members at service desks in each library can provide details about relevant services. For more information, call Knight Library's Reference and Research Services desk, 541-346-1818.


Students who are currently enrolled or registered and University of Oregon faculty and staff members may borrow materials from the UO Libraries. They may also borrow materials and receive online article deliveries from any of the other libraries with which the UO Libraries has reciprocal lending agreements. A number of document delivery services are available, including special programs for distance-education students. Through its course reserves program, the library provides students with access to selected course readings. Information on access to user accounts and other services is available on the library’s website.

Student Employment

The library employs students to assist in all facets of library operations, and students are often able to work in areas related to their academic, professional, and personal interests. For more information, contact the library's Human Resources office at 541-346-1894.


The first official library at the University of Oregon was established in 1891, when Henry Villard donated a book collection valued at $1,000. As collections grew during the next twenty years, the library moved to progressively larger quarters in various locations. In 1905 the legislature appropriated funds for a new library building, now Fenton Hall. The building was completed in 1907, and a fireproof stack annex was added in 1913.

Knight Library was designed by Ellis F. Lawrence and constructed in 1937. The facade has been described as "exotic, a combination of modernized Lombardy and Greco-Roman with art deco details." The building contains exceptionally fine exterior and interior decorative work, including the fifteen stone heads by Edna Dunberg and Louise Utter Pritchard, ornamental memorial gates by O. B. Dawson, carved wooden panels by Arthur Clough, and two large murals painted by Albert and Arthur Runquist. The 1937 building and the quadrangle it faces are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Additions to Knight Library were constructed in 1950 and 1966. During a third expansion and renovation project, a 132,000-square-foot addition was completed in 1992, and substantial renovation of the existing building was completed in 1994.

Donor Program

Gifts from alumni and friends help strengthen library collections, purchase new technology, employ student assistants, and preserve Oregon’s rich history. Library donors receive the biannual publication Building Knowledge. For more information, call the Library Development office at 541-346-1890.


Megan Austin, assistant librarian; law instruction librarian. BA, 1990, Maryland, Baltimore County; JD, 1993, Arizona. (2016)

Jaye A. Barlous, associate librarian; law reference librarian. BA, 1986, Florida Atlantic; JD, 1989, Nova Southeastern; MLIS, 2003, Washington (Seattle). (2010)

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David de Lorenzo, Giustina Director of Special Collections and University Archives. BA, 1976, Wabash College; MLIS, 1979, Simmons College. (2016)

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Mary C. Grenci, associate librarian; team leader, electronic resources. BMus, 1985, Youngstown State; MMus, 1987, New England Conservatory of Music; MLS, 1995, Southern Connecticut. (1996)

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James “Ryan” Hildebrand, associate librarian; authorities and special collections catalog librarian. BA, 1999, California, Riverside; MLIS, 2002, California, Los Angeles. (2015)

Mary Ann Hyatt, professor; director, law library. BA, 1979, Rhodes; MLS, 1980, Emory; JD, 1993, Washington (Seattle). (2004)

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Adriene I. Lim, senior librarian; dean of libraries and Philip H. Knight Chair. BFA, 1993, MLIS, 1996, Wayne State; PhD, 2012, Simmons College. (2014)

Linda J. Long, senior librarian; manuscripts librarian. BA, 1978, Seattle; MA, 1979, Case Western; MLS, 1987, Brigham Young. (1997)

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Victoria S. Mitchell, associate librarian; government information librarian. BS, 1979, California; MSLIS, 1989, Simmons College. (2001)

Austin J. Munsell, assistant librarian; collections manager, special collections and university archives. MLIS, 2014, Washington (Seattle). (2018)

Angus B. Nesbit, associate librarian; law reference librarian. BA, 1984, Maine; MLIS, 1985, Pittsburgh; JD, 1992, Oregon. (1997)

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Elizabeth M. Peterson, senior librarian; humanities librarian and curator of moving images. BA, 1990, California, Santa Cruz; MLIS, 2002, San Jose State. (2006)

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K. Keith Richard, professor emeritus. BS, 1958, Oregon College of Education; MS, 1964, MLS, 1971, Oregon. (1972)

George W. Shipman, university librarian and Philip H. Knight Chair 1997–2000 emeritus. BA, 1963, Albion; MA, 1965, Western Michigan; AMLS, 1967, Michigan, Ann Arbor. (1980)

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Luise E. Walker, associate professor emerita; science reference librarian. AB, 1951, Washington (Seattle); AMLS, 1955, Michigan, Ann Arbor; MS, 1961, State University of New York, College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. (1967)

The date in parentheses at the end of each entry is the first year on the University of Oregon faculty.


Course usage information

LIB 199. Special Studies: [Topic]. 1-5 Credits.

Repeatable. Introduction to general library resources and to subject-related library resources. Repeatable when topic changes.

Course usage information

LIB 399. Special Studies: [Topic]. 1-5 Credits.

Repeatable. Introduction to general library resources and to subject-related library resources. Repeatable when topic changes.

Course usage information

LIB 405. Reading and Conference: [Topic]. 1-21 Credits.


Course usage information

LIB 407. Seminar: [Topic]. 1-5 Credits.

Repeatable. Topics are Library Resources, Bibliography.

Course usage information

LIB 409. Practicum: [Topic]. 1-12 Credits.


Course usage information

LIB 410. Experimental Course: [Topic]. 1-5 Credits.


Course usage information

LIB 507. Seminar: [Topic]. 1-5 Credits.

Repeatable. Topics are Library Resources, Bibliography.

Course usage information

LIB 510. Experimental Course: [Topic]. 1-5 Credits.


Course usage information

LIB 605. Reading and Conference: [Topic]. 1-16 Credits.


Course usage information

LIB 607. Seminar: [Topic]. 1-6 Credits.