Associated Students of the University of Oregon

Erb Memorial Union, Suite 4

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) is the recognized representative organization of students at the university. Its network of committees, activities, and programs serves student needs and interests. The ASUO gives students the opportunity to plan and direct their own programs, to become involved in many aspects of university life, and to influence the decisions that affect the quality of education and student life at the university. Students who pay incidental fees are members of the ASUO.


The ASUO comprises three branches of student government—the ASUO Executive, the Constitution Court, and the Student Senate. Funding committees include the Programs Finance Committee (PFC), the Athletic and Contracts Finance Committee (ACFC), the Department Finance Committee (DFC), and the Erb Memorial Union Board (EMU Board).

Members of the senate and certain members of the PFC, ACFC, DFC, and EMU Board are elected. The remaining members of these bodies and the Constitution Court justices are appointed. Together these bodies provide governance, leadership, and representation for students.

ASUO Executive

The ASUO Executive comprises an elected president and vice president and hired staff members. The executive works on a variety of campaigns, projects, and events throughout the year.

The ASUO Executive office offers many opportunities for students to participate in programs, student government, and other aspects of university life. As the recognized voice of UO students, the ASUO administers more than 160 programs funded by incidental fees and more than twenty programs without such funding. A list of these programs can be found on the ASUO website.

Students also may get involved in student government by applying to the ASUO’s internship program. They intern with the ASUO Executive or the Student Senate and receive academic credit. For more information, e-mail the chief of staff:

Students also may apply for any of the 80 positions on 26 faculty-student committees. Those who are interested in sitting on one of these committees should request a list from the university liaison:

Student Senate

The 20 members of the ASUO Student Senate represent the constituent interests of students and act on matters related to the allocation and appropriation of incidental fees. The incidental fee is a self-imposed fee by which students finance activities and programs. Reflecting its two functions, 10 members of the Student Senate are elected by majority to represent academic departments, and 10 are elected to serve on finance committees.

The ASUO Programs Finance Committee, the ASUO Athletic and Contracts Finance Committee, the Department Finance Committee, and the Erb Memorial Union Board individually develop budget recommendations for submission to the Student Senate every year during winter term. The Student Senate then votes to approve or deny these budget recommendations and forwards the final fee recommendation to the ASUO Executive. Once the budget has been approved, it is sent to the president of the University of Oregon. The final incidental fee budget is approved by the University of Oregon Board of Trustees.

The Student Senate also hears special requests throughout the year on the use of surplus or overrealized funds. Six student senators serve as active members of the University Senate, the faculty body that sets general university policies.

ASUO Programs Finance Committee

This seven-member student committee acts on matters related to the appropriation and allocation of incidental fees to ASUO programs, contracts, and some university departments. These groups submit their budget requests and, after public hearings on these proposals, the committee presents its recommendations to the Student Senate.

ASUO Athletic and Contracts Finance Committee

This five-member student committee allocates funds to and negotiates contracts for student services, such as public transit access, athletics tickets, and student legal assistance. It also handles membership agreements in associations such as the Oregon Student Association and the United States Student Association. It presents its recommendations to the Student Senate.

Department Finance Committee

This five-member student committee acts on matters related to the appropriation and allocation of incidental fees to some university departments. It presents its recommendations to the Student Senate.

EMU Board

This fifteen-member committee consists of students, faculty members, and EMU staff personnel. It is responsible for allocating budgets to EMU programs and services and presenting its budget recommendation to the Student Senate. The board also allocates space in the EMU and advises staff members on its management and administration.

Constitution Court

The Constitution Court is a five-member body appointed by the ASUO president. It serves as the court of appeals for the ASUO and has the authority to rule on questions arising from the ASUO Constitution or rules promulgated under it. This power of review covers almost any action by ASUO government bodies, programs, and individual students that fall under the ASUO Constitution.