Study Abroad

Office of International Affairs

Dennis Galvan, Vice Provost for International Affairs
333 Oregon Hall

The Office of International Affairs manages study-abroad and overseas internship opportunities, welcomes and supports international students and scholars, and coordinates the wide range of international projects and transnational partnerships launched and maintained in many university academic units. The university enrolls more than 3,250 international students from nearly eighty countries, and sponsors 190 study-abroad programs in ninety countries. More than 1,200 UO students participate in study or internships abroad each year. 

Global Studies Institute

Lori O’Hollaren, Associate Director
110 Gerlinger Hall

The Global Studies Institute supports internationally oriented research centers, programs, and initiatives to enhance faculty research, enrich the student experience, and promote the University of Oregon’s academic excellence at home and with partners around the world. It hosts and supports nine of the university's key international projects and initiatives (listed below) and serves as a coordinator and promoter of the full range of international programs, projects, and initiatives on campus. In partnership with schools and colleges, the institute encourages interdisciplinary and cross-regional research, curriculum development, and community outreach, and pursues a program of fundraising and grant writing to sustain global projects with the greatest impact on student success and faculty recruitment and retention.

Constituent units and programs of the Global Studies Institute include the following:

  • Center for Applied Second-Language Studies,
  • Center for Asian and Pacific Studies,
  • Center for Global Health
  • Gabon-Oregon Center,
  • Global Oregon Initiative,
  • Oregon Statewide Area Studies Consortia (Oregon East Asia Network and Oregon African Studies Consortium)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Crossings Institute for Conflict-Sensitive Reporting and Intercultural Dialogue,
  • University of Oregon Confucius Institute for Global China Studies,
  • University of Oregon Global Justice Program

Global Education Oregon

Thomas Bogenschild, Executive Director
333 Oregon Hall

Global Education Oregon (GEO) offers more than 300 programs in more than 90 countries where UO students may study, conduct research, or participate in a wide range of internships or service-learning experiences. These opportunities include full-term study-abroad programs; academic year exchanges with international universities; and short-term, faculty-led programs often held during the summer session. For complete information about all program opportunities, visit

New Programs

The Study Abroad Programs Committee reviews GEO-sponsored study-abroad programs and approves new program proposals. Information about programs currently under development is available from the Office of International Affairs.


University of Oregon students may earn academic credit while they gain professional development experience abroad. Internships are open to juniors, seniors, and master’s degree students who are currently enrolled in a UO degree program. Financial aid, including scholarships, is available. Several GEO programs allow students to combine part-time internships and part-time study in the same term abroad.

Grants and Scholarships

Because students are registered at the University of Oregon while participating in a study-abroad program, they are eligible to receive most or all of their UO-awarded financial aid. In addition, numerous scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students planning to study or intern abroad, including new scholarships for first-generation college students and students with disabilities..

Distinguished international scholarships are also available to qualified graduating seniors and graduate students for research, university study, and international teaching. Fulbright grant applications must be submitted to the Fulbright Program advisor in early fall. The Office of International Affairs offers scholarship and grant advising for students. For a comprehensive overview of funding options abroad, visit

Course Equivalencies

When you participate in a GEO or GEO-sponsored study-abroad program, you will receive University of Oregon credit. For complete details, refer to the course equivalency process and the Office of the Registrar course equivalency database.